Is Digg Corrupt?

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Wow… controversy galore!Digg is a website I’ve come to enjoy for alot of my tech news dosage. (I’m also a fan of the videocast, I even own a Diggnation T-Shirt :))Essentially, users submit stories from other websites to Digg, other users see the story read it and can ‘digg it’ this raises its prominence on the site and so more users will see it. Eventually with an economy of scale it gets to the ‘front page.’Its the beauty off Web 2.0 We’re democratizing how our news is laid out before us. Like minded individuals help each other get through the trash and finding interesting reads.Well… maybe not… its seems as if some sites (tech related ones) are being banned. Other Links that have few Diggs and no comments (why no comments?) are making the front page… Meaning: moderation is occurring at some level… I always knew there was a formula for getting to the front page (Diggs per minute, comments, clicked links, people can complain, etc.) I never thought it was to the detriment of any one group – and I’m hoping along with most Digg users that this isn’t the case.But -The main point of contention seems to be that some users have been getting priority placement over others, regardless of the number Diggs (or clicks, etc)…. getting to the the front page ahead of the line… Kevin Rose (Diggs Founder) has responded in probably a quickly written post to the Digg Blog (which I’ll link to after i get out of the digg interface) Saying this isn’t the case and that this is all to prevent against SPAM and diggers boosting bad articles on for their own gain (a type of Spam.)This response, at least according to the comments on Digg, doesn’t seem to have placated the angry/confused users who think they’ve been had with the whole ‘democracy of news’ argument. Perhaps this is all a tempest in a teapot (never thought I’d ever use that saying.)But while this article is on Digg (and hasn’t been ‘burried’ like other articles) its not making it to the front page, even with Digg Spy (a tool on the site) saying it should more | digg storyEDIT: Well it looks as though there is definitely some form of censorship going on over at Digg. The Digg story link above should take you to a story that would easily make the list of the Top Digg Stories this Week – But… nope the story doesn’t make the list… sad. Very sad. The fact that numerous stories about this topic were buried immediately is shocking, but this is blatant. This shows just how superficial the results at Digg can be. They easily manipulated the result not to show this story in the Weeks Top Diggs, it is probably just as easy for them to tweak code for their own gain. How long till Digg is just a redirection-service for preferred websites.. with user imput only when it jives with Digg’s Admins.

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  1. mattroberts - the site » Blog Archive » Do we “Digg This” ? says

    […] In a recent Twit Podcast Kevin Rose discusses the recent controversy that I spoke about in an earlier post. […]

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