Do we "Digg This" ?

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In a recent Twit Podcast Kevin Rose discusses the recent controversy that I spoke about in an earlier post.For the most part this does alot to explain many of the “missing posts” problem. I’m off the opinon that a number of our “lost post” were due to the fact that a bunch of Fan Boyz clickers on them as a mislead/lame category.What Kevin didn’t address was why the story I linked off earlier of never made it onto the Top Stories link. It wasn’t buried and it wasn’t spam so why didn’t it make the top stories list?That said this conversation on Twit does a great job in explaining how this whole controversy got started – something I wasn’t necessarily a believer in (the whole Kevin Rose auto-digging thing.) But the auto-buried stories was and is still a big issue in my mind.I’m sure now that the community is engaged there will be more people involved in watching out for this type of thing. (especially with the un-bury features in the more | digg storyEDIT: Blog critics has also waded into the mix with an article on their experiences with Digg. Worth a Read.

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