BarCamp Ottawa – sad to have missed it.

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Well it’s a few mornings later and my regret at missing Barcamp Ottawa is only growing. I had placed my name down as going but a long night before and the fact that the previous hectic week had pushed several other important items into my weekend – made the loss of the Saturday look a bit to crazy. That said – I regret not going.Thankfully Ryan Lowe and Jay Gouldman have placed some excellent notes from the event online. I’ve been reading through some of them to try and see what I missed. Alec Saunders has been quick to point out the need to have another event in the not to distant future, mentioning a Voice 2.0 event in our possible future.Hopefully, next time I’ll be less busy/tired and be able to get to the event. In the mean time I’ll probably make a point of going to the next OGRE meeting.

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