CBC.ca will revamp its web site this summer.

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I read with interest that CBC.ca plans to revamp its web site this summer.After last years strike I suddenly noticed how much I missed the site for my Canadian news dosage, its easy to dismiss a websites importance to you when you get it for free. But you learn how important it is when its gone (or lightly updated.) That said I look at all changes as good for Canada’s public broadcasters website. It being the ‘publics content’ I’d like them to make as much of it accessible as possible.On that note, Tod has hinted at (promised) a big move to podcasts for the CBC over the next year. If they can provide me with anything as good as the BBC has I’ll be a happy camper.

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  1. mattroberts - the site » Blog Archive » BBC announces ‘bbc.co.uk 2.0′ A radical update to their offerings says

    […] Well, Further to My post of this Morning the BBC wasn't caught napping on the non-CBC annoucnement […]

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