BBC Goes Web 2.0, Announces: ‘ 2.0’ – A Radical Update to their Offerings…

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Well, Further to My post of this Morning the BBC wasn’t caught napping on the non-CBC announcement.The BBC announced a series of initiatives all built around three concepts – “share”, “find” and “play”.Share: the BBC will allow users to “create your own space and to build around you”, encouraging them to launch their own blogs and post home videos on the site.” The BBC is also running a competition to revamp the 2.0 website, asking the public to redesign the homepage to “exploit the functionality and usability of services such as Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Wikipedia”.Find: “BBC iPlayer is going to offer catch-up television up to seven days after transmission,” said Mr Highfield. “At any time you will be able to download any programme from the eight BBC channels and watch it on your PC and, we hope, move it across to your TV set or down to your mobile phone to watch it when you want.” And from tomorrow all Internet users will for the first time be able to search their back catalogue as far back as 1937, if they’re UK residents.Play:BBC iPlayer – At any time you will be able to download any programmes watch it on your PC, move it across to your TV or mobile phone. Essentially this will an IPTV play!Come on Jonathan Dube. What you’re talking about is 2002! Its time for the CBC to step it more | digg story

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    "Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training." – Anna Freud It flashed in my mind when i am here.

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