Eye-Fi – Taking your digital camera onto the Web

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Robert Scoble Has been talking about the Eye-Fi on his Blog.Eye-Fi is essentially a SD Memory card with a Wifi adapter built in. You can take a look here. As someone with a decent SD digital camera and a flickr account this could be really cool for me – especially if it would automatically download to my flickr account (which Roberts interview implies it will.) Heck, how about it automatically downloads through riya so it can tag which of my friends are in the photo and then places the images on flickr. This isn’t really a crazy concept – its amazing how one additional feature can change how I view my digital camera (the curse of an enthusiast.)But I digress…The vast majority of today’s digital camera users are people like my Girl Friends Dad (sorry dad.) He’s not going to want this (or understand why we would want it.) However for the my-space generation this type of feature/product will be a must have going forward. This is the first time i think i’ve seen a hardware device that I’ll tag Web 2.0 because it really extends the web2.0 functionality onto an existing device. There must be a API or SDK for existing providers to integrate the uploading functionality.If some of of the comments on Robert’s Blog are any example not everyone ‘gets it’ but i think I do.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.


  1. Ziv says

    Hi Matt,Thanks for the write-up. Actually, your girlfriend’s dad would definitely want one. Here is why: today, when you want to get your images out of the camera, you either have to connect it via USB, or cradle it, or take out the media card, and insert to a PC. You do all that after you’ve installed a lot of software and drivers. Now, imagine we can take all that away, and your girlfriend’s dad could just come home, turn the camera on, and the images would go to his PC, as well as to a portal for sharing/printing. If he’s next to a hotspot, but not at home, the images would go the web, for sharing/printing… Etc… You get the picture 🙂

  2. mattroberts says

    I do – I garuntee you he’ll think he accidently deleted them ;)Ziv keep me posted on developments – i really want to see how you’ll integrate the system on WiFi systems. and existing camera’s. Good luck!

  3. Helen says

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  4. Rizal says

    Hi Matt,I use eye-fi too. This make my job more easy.. 🙂 Matt, how long you studies at Carleton University? you got two degree right?

  5. Wireless Technology in your Digital Camera « mattroberts.com says

    […] First there is Eye.Fi a company I wrote about a few months ago. […]

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