Freedom 35? Ericcson offers buyouts to younger workers to get even younger workers.

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Ericsson is looking to clear space on its payroll for younger workers, telecommunications company Ericsson is offering buyout packages to 1,000 Swedish workers between the ages of 35 and 50. Offering roughly 18 months pay and another $8 Grand to sweet the offer.This topic has been discussed by me & my friends about their offices. The ‘gap’ in age between the senior and mid level managers and the new hires in some companies (especially in established firms) is pretty pronounced. The general trend seems to be those in their late 50’s are unable to retire, due to the market crash.Locally, they’ve also recently removed the mandatory retirement laws of Ontario (at 65) making it more likely that those unable to afford to retire will stay in their jobs. Essentially, the belief by the younger workers is that a glut in senior management of senior citizen is possibly going to occur. Meaning a good portion of the young talent coming online now will be forced to leave larger secure corporations and start their own companies to get ahead… which in my opinion might not be a bad thing.The is of course and effect of the echo generation a term that was coined by Demographer David Foot (I believe.)At University and in High-school I noticed the huge increase of student in each year of school behind me. Universities are and have been facing the ramification of this ‘echo’ for the past several years and its probably quite likely this will start to hit business over the next more | digg story

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