Advertising: IPTV and Web 2.0 – Ads you’d be willing to sit through (hopefully.)

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In this age of product placement advertisers and the networks that they pay are trying more and more ways to try and force-feed us their product schpeel (is that a word?)Phillips has recently taken out a patent that prevents you from changing channels while a commercial break, presumably to force viewers to watch the commercial. One TV executive has actually come out accusing viewers who get up to use the washroom during the commercial as thieves. And we all know that during the commercials for some inexplicable reason the volume increases… so we of course mute it – maybe that’s stealing too??The truth is today’s generation, be they the Boomers, GenX or GenY, are trained to tune out TV advertising. Cable executives can rant about it but the fundamental problem will continue… this is because advertising is stale.Mark Cuban agrees. His solution is to use live or “reality” commercials, to mix things up. Mark may be onto the short term fix but the truth is that commercials don’t work because they are loud, annoying and most importantly often irrelevant to the people watching them. In these times where the Internet provides us what we need when we need it – the advertising that has followed with Google Adsense shows on a limited level hoe contextualized advertising works. Just like you wouldn’t advertise men’s razors in a women magazine, broadcast advertising needs to become smarter, otherwise broadcasting in general is in trouble.Contextualized ads for broadcast Television is only a matter of time. Next Generation Networks software developers are already looking to provide the tool-sets for IPTV companies to drive these opportunities.Mark Cuban knows this and this is by no means news but it is important in the context of the discussion of the future of advertising. Mark Cuban who has a sizable investment in HDTV -needs to be cognisant that gimmicks are not the answer (though very entertaining…. once.)This comes about because Mark only believes in IPTV as Broadcast TV because of Bandwidth concerns:

“The net result is that TV is going to be TV, delivered like TV for a long time to come. (I consider IPTV to be regular TV). There wont be enough bandwidth for it to be any other way.”

I agree (for the foreseeable future.) But Mark is wrong that we don’t have the bandwidth in IPTV to start introducing Contextual Ads and insert them into programming. TIVO is already talking about inserting news into their PVR’s, thus keep them from becoming stale.Bandwidth wouldn’t be an issue if you’re only talking about a few thousand targeted ads.Not everyone see Contextual advertising and video going hand in hand – But I can’t think of any other way of going forward. And believe me Mark Cubans Live (reality) Advertising idea will be as stale as infomercials after a few months.

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