WordPress.com is Working On It! (Yay!)

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Over the past few weeks of my transition to WordPress.com has been hard and slightly annoying. There have been frequent outages – meaning I could not log into WordPress and post, occasionally I couldn’t actually read my website, and on numerous occasions “Save and Continue Editing” meant we’ll loose your edits and won’t let you continue working on the post. The weekends have been the worst with massive slowdowns and my site just being down.My traffic numbers dropped nearly 60% on Saturday and Sunday meaning (in my mind) that the site is either inaccessible to a lot of other people or people don’t read blogs on weekends….These issue have not gone unnoticed by Matt Mullenweg and the team over at automattic  are aware of these issues (and have been pretty forthright about how annoying they find them.) But today they’ve outlines how they’re working on it. All I can say is good luck! – I’ve been keeping my posts down to a minimum the past week. Once things are a bit more zippy (is that a word?) I’ll post more regularly.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.

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