Peekvid – Entertainment for all. Until someone shuts it down.

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I must be late to the Party on this one….Peekvid is site that will almost definitely be shut down before the end of the year.But.. that’s ok because it has a bunch of TV Programs to watch 🙂 Its selection is pretty limited – that said, its not bad for streaming media – and those of my friends who constantly travel. This could be a useful little site should they find a need for some quick entertainment or for people to cheap to get cable.

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  1. bevs says

    i’m one of the user in peekvid..i like the drama most especially chinese drama..but what happen? when i open last june 18 it says that the video is no longer available..all of them…can someone tell me why?

  2. ronny says

    oh god yeah same with me, all those lovely easten movies and dramas are gone even some of the comedys and tv shows cartonns you name it all going or gone why its not fair i loved that website

  3. PEEKVID4EVER says


  4. Satori says

    This is the best already have a new peekvid out there see where all here to help each other and everything is all good hahahahahahhahaaha

  5. mattroberts says

    I have to admit peekvid has lasted longer than i thought it would.Its traffic is probably going through the roof if the traffic on this post is any indication!

  6. Matt, your traffic is probably through the roof on this entry because it’s one of the top links on Google for the search "Peekvid" that doesn’t point to the Peekvid website itself.There are a lot of folks like me who our trying to find out more info about Peekvid’s revitalized service.

  7. mattroberts says

    Hey Lem, Just from my own knowledge. When I first looked at peekvid back in May the service was being run through a number of video services but predominantly Youtube (and to a lesser extent Google Video.) They’ve since moved entirely onto DailyMotion which seems less vigilant in taking down copyrighted material. The reason peekvid manages to keep their shows/movies etc online is that as soon as a show is taken down they automatically re-upload to dailymotion and update the appropriate link on their end. Its rare that you’ll hit a dead link. I’m pretty sure they’ve got a server with a script running that pings the video file and if its taken down it automatically re-uploads. Not really sure about why they bother – as there are no ads on their end. Maybe they have a deal on directing traffic to dailymotion?

  8. flickpeek doesnt work and im pretty sure peekvid has just been shut down

  9. music thief says

    Enjoy peekvid while it lasts, you idiots. When sites like this wipe out the entertainment industry, you will have no new movies to watch, no new music to listen to, no new TV shows, no videogames to play. You will be forced to entertain yourselves.

  10. Da Reaper says

    Peekvid will not be shut down as it is not breaking any laws. They are linking to movies hosted by other sites (like YouTube and DailyMotion). There is no law against linking to material (copyright or not). It is against the law to upload and host the material on your servers for public display (which is not what Peekvid is doing). Get a clue you retards!

  11. Jaycee says

    Did someone say it isn’t *fair* if peekvid gets shut down? Poor little you! No more something for nothing! Next thing you know they’ll outlaw shoplifting.Linking to material the way peekvid does is pretty close to aiding and abetting, or receiving stolen goods, if you ask me. But tell me, my fellow retards, if Hollywood got its act together & offered low quality, 3×4 inch Flash streams like peekvid, how much would you pay to watch a South Park episode or other TV show? A buck? 5 cents? How about a movie?

  12. N.O.Y.B says

    Peekvid is da best………………..end of………fineto………..fin……..over……..done.

  13. missy says

    i love peekvid and my kids love it too i would hate to see it shut down! leave it alone and for all the people out there that think it so illegal THEN DONT GO TO IT IF YOU THINK ITS SO WRONG!

  14. missy says

    OMG i love peekvid and so do my kids i think its great i really hope that it dosent get shut down . AND FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT THINK ITS SO ILLEGE THEN DONT GO TO IT but dont ruin it for all the rest of us!! there are going to be a lot of angry people out there if it goes and there will just be another one made anyways in time lol so why bother taking it down!!!

  15. Try reading books – then at least spelling and grammar might improve: next thing you know there’s less violence in the world, Hollywood becomes a good place to settle down and bring up a family, and no more reality tv! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!Having said that, I don’t mind Ren and Stimpy so much…

  16. danny says

    i like useing peekvid for the movies, there are quite often new ones but recently not many have been put on the site. danny

  17. Nigel says

    Appears the Peekvid site is now down but it is being reworked for a relaunch.Anybody got any inside info?

  18. Francisco says I think flickpeek is the same as peekvid… I mean.. come on!.. it’s pretty obvious… I guess that’s going to be the way it will continue to exist… I’m trying that website tonight.. got tons of 24 episodes to watch..

  19. Peekvid Down - another launch? « says

    […] This is the second relaunch since I first wrote about them back in May. […]

  20. j0Nn_ says

    hmmm…cant even watch from flickpeek…host the site from sealand maybe…i havent had my fill yet dammit

  21. Nigel says

    No Peekvid or Flickpeek. Anybody got another choice? I was bang in the middle of 24!!!

  22. how the hell does hollywood lose money when i watch a show that was on public television….(prison break)

  23. andre says

    does any1 know of a site where i can watch 24? a loy of the sites dont work anymore!

  24. Peekvid Successor? For now its Channelsurfr. « says

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  25. Lynchy says

    Peekvid seems to be back but House isn’t its all gone, woe is me, what am I to do??? Please, this may seem pathetic but does anyone have any ideas on where to view House season 2? I don’t want to have to buy the box set!

  26. 24 man says

    Is anyone else having problems watching 24 on Peekvid? It just hangs saying "Loading" when I try to watch an episode.

  27. ok well i tried peekvid 2 weeks ago and it crashed my pc!!!! i asked around for help and they said when you stream videos it opens ports for hackers to get on your pc. I wouldnt watch peekvid anymore, because if it seems too good to be true, it is….

  28. pauly boy says

    peekvid was the best until now, thanks a lot guys youve messed it aaaaaaaaalllllllllll up.

  29. Shucks. Peekvid started by saying that it was undergoing an update or something like they were re-doing it. Now for the past few days it hasn’t been responding which can’t be any good.Technically, Peekvid wasn’t illegal, but oh well. That’s that. Back to Vongo.

  30. Mark V says

    peekvid is still working. It just takes some getting use to. If you get a page that says loading, close it and open it again. It’s been working for me. Great site!

  31. None of these websites has Lost Season 1 working… most of them go to some chinese website and they dont even have it!Does anyone know where i can get the first couple of episodes for Season 1 of Lost?????

  32. DeWayne(FilmFreak) says

    Peekvid has even been on the news! What will happen to this online free movie site is debatable and I will watch for the spine tingling conclusion.DeWayne(FilmFreak)http://www.moviedownloadmatrix.comMovies to Bloody Die For!

  33. Baran says

    i am sick of the peekvid web site 24s session 1 to 4 is great but than gets abite funny i hav noticed its somthing to the with loading steam why cudent thay get this right i need help to watch thease session 5 & 6 the tv-video. net is shit aswell someone help me please

  34. Cassieb says

    What about a site where you can pay to download TV series or movies? I don’t mind paying, but I hate having to wait til the DVD box set is released when the shows (eg Grey’s Anatomy) are already showing in the U.S.

  35. smeelly says

    is ther any site whjere i can watch indian movies online ma mum wants 2 nw

  36. htownsangel says

    hey does anyone know what you need to be able to play the peekvid videos on your computer ? i seem to be able to play it on my desktop but not on my laptop !! ? someone help thanx

  37. aha says

    So unfair. No problem finding sites that has the tv shows i like, however "This service is only avaliable for people living in United States"! Sure, punish the rest of the world.. thx!

  38. sathesh alagappan says

    does anyone know where to see forrest gump? ive looked at every link site and there not in any of them!

  39. dd-liever says

    does anyone know where I can find buffy? I’ve looked and only peekvid has it but every since the relaunch NOTHING works for me there anymore:(….thanks!

  40. Kai Hientaku says

    Hi People, does anyone know where i might be able to watch the rest of Scrubs season 4 to season 6. Iv’e searched it almost every where and either the "content has been removed" comes up or it’s in spannish.And to the owner of Peekvid, I’m sorry to hear that your site is going threw some troubles Regarding illegal issues? And the programme makers don’t lose out in money to who ever said they do. The videos that are posted on this site and sites like this have either Been recorded from tv or have been recorded from someone purchasing the show and loading it on the net ( That meens the acters/drawers have already been paid along with the Channel the programme gets aired on).

  41. IXI Dragunz IXI says

    WTF!!! Peekvid won’t work anymore, WTF!!!

  42. jennifer says

    Here’s a better – it’s more organized and no annoying ads. Can someone tell me if this is legal since it’s nonprofit.

  43. Teaseruk says

    I was using peekvid right up to 1 day ago, sure not of of the links worked but a good few of them did. Then suddenly nothing, i just get the loading screen. Does anyone know if it’s gone for good?A big thanks to all who have put so much info on here re peekvid and alternative, I’m very thankful to you all

  44. Anna says

    omg ok..i wanna watch "Daredevil" so bad!! but have yet to find one of these sites that actually has it on there…does anyone know where to find it?

  45. jay says

    how about turning on the tv? or going to the movies? or renting them?

  46. bedroommedia says

    well why would you do that when you could just watch them for free on the internet watch what u want when you want

  47. gamer4x4 says

    WHY ISENT PEEKVID WORKING **** **** ****!!!. sorry.

  48. no it doesnt work says

    video lemon doesnt workim trying to watch prison break season 2can anyone find a website where it actually workspeekvid just says loading…. constantly

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  51. Gnocci says

    Against peer-to-peer sites, the MPAA campaign had its chance. But downloading movies isn’t that easy to access for non-techies. This time, link farms is as easy as setting a new blog. And when you consider there are more than 70 million blogs counted by Technorati, the MPAA campaign is totally useless. Example, check this out, a blog doing the same job (or better) than Peekvid: Add to this, the difference in interpretation of hotlinking, it would take a while before the MPAA could find a solution. For them, the alternative would be to ink a partnership with YouTube, Veoh, DailyMotion and other video sharing sites to provide TV shows and movies with ads inside.

  52. peekvid is great i love streaming through videos i cant find 2 dl . especially smallville.! those entertainers make so much money already while theres people starving theyre buying ferraris so what if they lose some money over ppl d/l there stuff. one less ferrari for the rich and famous.

  53. Norman Roberts says

    Here is a great Peekvid alternative with the largest free movie site list on the net

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