Optimax: 16 Megs down – but only 1 meg up and a cap at 80 GB.

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I caught this Bell news on Jon Arnold’s Blog, Bell Canada (of whom I am a customer) has launched “Optimax” Besides the corny name just what is Optimax.As Jon rightly points out Optimax is Bells answer to Videotrons’ (Quebec only) High-High Speed service of 16 megs a second that has been as best as I know the best internet deal in Canada for the since its introduction late last year.So will I go for it, or should you? – no. The Service is an excellent 16 megs/sec down (currently i have 5) and the upload is only 1 meg/sec up (I have roughly 256-340k) the reason i’m not interested they have a cap of 80 GB of total usage a month. Considering with my much smaller deal I get 55 Gb this deal looks completly silly.Its roughly double the cost of my current system so for twice as much i get 3 times the download, 3-4 times the upload and only a 45% increase in the cap? The metrics are bit off there.Now north of the Border Caps are used on all systems (yes even Cable) this is just common sense. Om Malik’s view that this is what the U.S. Net un-neutral future may look like it is way off. How are bandwidth caps un-neutral? The IP traffic is not metered depending on whether your using a bell services (they own CTV television, and a number of papers) or not. Usage of a service requires a cost and as long as I can get the level of service between all online sites (Vonage, Skype, Some as yet un-naimed IPTV service) then i’m ok paying for access to the pipe.In the UK BT has been enforcing it ‘caps’ loosley with charging the top 2-4% of users for their over usage. Based on web posts on the subject you woul think it was more but those over the limits are probably more suave about complainging online. Caps are ok, but in this case they kill a compelling offering from Bell.

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