Beta Testing Gmail for your Domain

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I’ve been in on the beta test for Gmail for your domain (thanks Google!), So far so good.  except for some issues that seem to be a google wide. For those that don’t know Gmail is Fast, clean and comes with a tonne of storage. The problem is that for people like me who own their own domain – I own The only way of using your email address (for example would be to using a forwarding and masking setup. This would mean that at the Domain registrar (or your host) you would setup up forwarding for to his gmail email address (for example problem professionally with this is that email to Outlook Clients (and possibly others) would show up like this in the From address -from: George “” on behalf of George ““The good about this is that if you added people to your address book – you would add the (not the gmail one) but the bad part is people would see you’re too cheap to buy mail hosting (like me.)The only mess up has been my SMTP service. I followed all the directions and it just came up with errors.  The fix is to skip the standard outgoing server: and use – though there isn’t (that I’ve found) official Google support for this it does work and should fix your issues.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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