HP. Wow! Just wow. (or how sad!)

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If you’re an HP shareholder (and thought things had finally turned around) more drama from the Executive Suite.

According to an internal HP e-mail, Dunn then took the extraordinary step of authorizing a team of independent electronic-security experts to spy on the January 2006 communications of the other 10 directors—not the records of calls (or e-mails) from HP itself, but the records of phone calls made from personal accounts. That meant calls from the directors’ home and their private cell phones.

The BOD of directors spying?! on their own members? Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like this.Kudo’s should be given to to Tom Perkins (a Board member and Uber-VC) who pointed out this was “illegal, unethical and a misplaced corporate priority.” He then promptly resigned after the other members refused(?!) to back him.UPDATE: Checkout this letter from Thomas Perkins to the Board.

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  1. RisingSunofNihon says

    "Wow" is right! I knew things were bad at HP, but I didn’t realize that this kind of spying and backstabbing was going on. I agree that Perkins should be commended for his actions; too bad he got no support along the way.

  2. mattroberts says

    Its getting even more crazy! A DA in California is looking into it!

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