Itunes Error # 5002 – Fixes (for somepeople)

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[UPDATE: This error seems to crop up a fair bit when Apple updates iTunes. Check the comments at the end of the post for some solutions – a number of people seem to have had many different ways of fixing it.]Geeze!I’ve been trying to troubleshoot an iTunes Error that showed itself a week or so back. Numerous trips to google and the Apple Forums have turned up a number of possibilities that could be the case on my system.I changed my computer name! On a mac its fairly easy to change your login name. Recently I’ve been leaving my Mac at work on a (Relatively) accessible desk. So I shortened up my Login name to make logging in a bit easier for me. This could have been one issue according to the forums. Changing it back had no affect.Now the issue i really had was a real bugger. I put a free song from Itunes in my basket, logged into the U.S. shop tried to add something to my basket and then got an error. No big deal I think. BUT the original basket tried to save got bumped or screwy. Deleting and reinstalling iTunes had no affect as the basket was in my account over at Apple so I had to contact Itunes support using the form at the bottom of this website. The process took three days and all is well. I gather a 5002 error is a rudimentary error for a basket issue or possibly for the downloaders ID name.

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  1. Amari says

    I just got my 2000t and all of my songs are skipping in iTunes, and I cant figure out why. If someone could help me out and tell me how to fix this I would really appreciate it because its driving me crazy. Thanks for the replys.

  2. Kayla says

    I have an error 5002 on my itunes. How do I fix it?

  3. mayra_cecilia says

    I got a 5002 error on my itune account, also I am trying to close an account in france because the card expired and I no longer have a bank account there, other question: How can I dehauthorize my old computer I no longer have? I have tryed what it sais on the itune webside but the error keep appearing AHhhhhhhhh!!!! HELP!!!!

  4. janelle says

    So, I got the stupid 5002 error. After many headaches of trying to get around the error, I did some research and decided to try and change my computer name (Administrator name). Well, that stupid trick worked! No need to pop some ibuprophen, just change your name and the error goes away.

  5. Teeray says

    I switched from cart to 1-click and back again; however to no avail. This problem first occured when I downloaded the newest version. Is There another option as to fixing this error without changing the admin password?

  6. Elizabeth says

    I have been having the problem for over a week. I have gone through and changed from one click to cart and back again. Also to no avail. I upgraded my iTunes, and I also changed my administrative password. All to no avail. I am at a complete loss.

  7. Brent says

    What worked for me was logout of your iTunes Account. Then log back in, view the Billing, then click Done. Then go and try to purchase a song.

  8. Brent’s fix worked for me. It’s a dark spot on Apple’s shiny white rep that this is such a prevalent problem and has been for so long.

  9. DLunk says

    Brent’s trick worked for me as well, I went to Store / View My Account then just clicked the done button, no more Error 5002. Thanks!

  10. really annoying this error codegot it when my mac automatically upgraded itunes, and i then tried to purchase a song on the itunes music store.i shortened my computer name and sharing name, via system preferences, still did not work, then i logged out of itunes and then lohhed back this point i then purchased a track and it asked for new credit card details etc. which i changed,i then had to go purchase the song again and error did not come back!

  11. ragdoll says

    Loggin in and out of your itunes account and then fixing my billing information did it for me. thankfully.

  12. Kevin OSullivan says

    Hey,Another solution:Login as normal, change some of your billing information, save it, and try purchase it again.I logged in to my account via iTunes, updated billing information and address, saved the data and tried it again – success.Kevin

  13. Tim Mills says

    When I first signed up for Itunes, the credit card information did not need the three digit code on the back of the card. When I updated Itunes, they switched the requirements and it now needs that code.When I added that information, the 5002 error went away.

  14. miriam says

    My credit card was expired. When I updated it, the problem was fixed.

  15. mtpunkty says

    I went into my account in itunes and gave myself a nickname. Solved 5002 for me.

  16. grimcity says

    I had miriam’s exact problem and solution.

  17. Matt says

    HeyIve got this Error, but i done pay by credit cards. i use the vouchers you get from stores. I have never experienced this prblem before when adding a new voucher, until now. Ive logged out, logged back in, shit itunes, reopened itunes. changed my nickname. i havnt change my computer name, not sure what this means for a windows user, is it just log in name?the unusual thing is, i had already bought 2 songs, then searched for another and the error suddenly popped up.

  18. Kaylie says

    Thanks mtpunkty your simple soloution saved my day 🙂

  19. Brunette says

    i tried the billing info and the 1-click/shopping cart and back again and then i tried to buy something and zilch.then i did ‘Get Info (ctrl + ,) on a random song in my library and then it worked… probably a fluke but others’ computers might fluke the same as mine :-Pi have a pc and not the latest version of itunes and i use the redeemable cards and i got a new 1 this afternoon but i bought something already… also my network ‘timed out’ but i restarted the download and its okay so far.brunette xx

  20. Hannah says

    Hi everyone,I’m sorry, but none of these suggestions have worked for me and I’m about to rip my hair out! Any suggestions?!Hannah

  21. unknown says

    All I did was go to prefrences and there was one thing that said skip shopping cart! it works now!!

  22. finally says

    hi, i just switched to the one-click option. i was having problems with my shopping cart and i wish i could get that info back (because i can’t remember some of the things in my shopping cart). but it’s better than not being able to buy things at all, so i’m glad in that respect. so yeah, just change to one-click.

  23. Ash says

    I just found that my billing info was incorrect… Corrected it and it worked fine…

  24. Sus says

    I had to have Apple empty out my shopping cart before it would start working again. Sad, since I had a LOT of stuff in there, but that was the only solution they offered me. It did work, though.

  25. chaz says

    Just changing my account password worked for me. Changing between basket and one-click had no effect!What an annoying glitch — surely something as simple as that should be causing so much trouble. Sort it out itunes

  26. ginger says

    Ahhh – my credit card on file expired and gave me the 5002 error. Updating the expiration date (Store>Account Information) fixed it!

  27. frequencyk says

    I don’t see an option (I’m on Windows XP) to update shopping cart. Tried everything else here. Only have the problem when trying to purchase a multipass. Funny, it has no problem with me buying a single episode that costs 4x as much. Changed password, updated security cc code, etc. etc.

  28. jwb says says

    In my case the 5002 error was a billing issue. Why I don’t know.I changed my billing info. to my initials rather tham my name. That change fixed the 5002 error.

  29. William says

    Make sure that the security code for the credit card (On the back of the card) is typed in. This was not required in previous versions of iTunes, but is required now. Type it in and continue to buy songs!

  30. Krispy says

    Okay, I’ve tried EVERYTHING… Tried the one-click, log out and back in, credit card is not expired and has 3-digit security, gave myself a nickname, went to Billing Info and hit done… I don’t know what else to do. Help!

  31. Krispy says

    I finally figured out that my account was logged onto 3 computers and when I logged off 2 of them and tried again, it worked!

  32. Julian says

    My fix for the dreaded 5002 error:NOTE: If you screw up and wipe out your Apps, you’re SOL. You should also know that iTunes may want to reinstall all your applications on your iPhone/iPod, so it might be best to hold off doing this until you’re ready for this (and bear in mind that my experience with iPhone application remove/install hasn’t been stellar, and I’ve had to completely restore from scratch a few times).1. Back up Mobile Applications from /Users/myusername/Music/iTunes by dragging them to another disk — simply moving them elsewhere on the same disk doesn’t work, since iTunes keeps track of their location. Duplicating the folder would likely work too, if you haven’t got anywhere else to copy them. 2. Once you have the Mobile Applications folder backed up, and have verified and reverified that you’ve got a copy and haven’t simply moved the folder, open iTunes WITHOUT YOUR IPHONE/IPOD CONNECTED and select all your applications and delete them. (if your iPhone/iPod were connected, it would now start helpfully deleting apps)3. When they’re all gone, quit iTunes4. Start iTunes again and verify that you have no apps listed.5. Drag your backup Mobile Applications folder to your open iTunes window — if you have default iTunes settings (copy/manage my music), then iTunes will start re-adding your applications. The nice thing about this is that it also eliminates all the duplicate apps and renames along the way — all those updates you keep doing don’t get rid of older versions, so these just pile up as "Application 1", 2, 3, etc. You may end up saving a lot of disk space. Many apps have gone through name changes too, so you may clear up some confusion and duplication too.6. Read the iTunes notices carefully — you will likely get something like "an OLDER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it" (you DO), or "a NEWER version of this app already exists, do you want to replace it" (you DON’T), or sometimes a mention that this app already exists as the same version (replace it).7.0 Quit iTunes, then restart it to "set" the changesYou will end up with a pristine iTunes Mobile Applications folder at the end of this process, and will likely save some space too.Your 5002 error should also be gone too.REMEMBER THAT YOU COULD POTENTIALLY LOSE ALL YOUR APPLICATIONS IF YOU SCREW UP, so please do this at your own risk, and as always, make sure you have backups!

  33. This stupid error is annoying me! i was downloading some tv shows but then i had to go out, so i paused all the downloads and switched my computer off. When i logged back on all my downloadeds and purchases were gone and at the bottom of the download page it said "2 itunes downloads available" i click it and it says Error 5002 Try again later, does anyone know how to fix this?

  34. brian says

    i had that damn error so i logged out of iTunes, closed it, opened it back up, logged in, and now i can purchase again! yay!

  35. Yong Hwee says

    What I did was just restart iTunes and everything was back to normal.

  36. I have tried all this and nothing- problem is that as far as changing/checking my account this also gives me the 5002 error. This sucks

  37. and also my cart is empty- this all is happening by trying to preorder the new guns n roses- it is supposed to give me one song from the album then the rest when the album comes out

  38. closed and restarted itunes..logged out and back in and things are working good.

  39. larynn says

    URRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! y wont itunes ever work. i always get error -3221 but now its 5002! has anyone noticed that as awesome itunes is with the ipod and i love the services and everything BUT THERE ARE MORE PROBLEMS THEN BENEFITS HALF THE TIME! is it too much to ask to download a cd? im starting to hate apple first with my ipod crapping itself and them having to send me a new one and now the million errors i get! WHY CANT APPLE FIX THIS? ITS A LITTLE THING CALLED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! …….anyways….ive tried everything…..any other ways to fix these horrible problems? (errors 5002 and -3221)

  40. Billing information, had to add the 3 digit code from the CC. Error is gone.

  41. iTunes SUCKS ASS says

    i have tried every single damned thing that i have seen! iTunes is a piece of shit with absolutely no customer satisfaction – all it cares about is the MONEY. im switching to rhapsody. i’m pretty sure they’ll be SOOOOOO much better.Remember kids: iTunes is a piece – i’m sorry, i mean a huge motherfucking PILE – of SHIT!!!!!!!

  42. gooner says

    brent’s soloution did it for me, what are you doing itunes??????????????

  43. Thomas says

    I got the 5002 error as well and like gooner said, Brent’s solution worked for me. Of course I noticed that when I logged back into iTunes and checked out my Billing info I noticed that my address was my old one….possible solution? who knows. But I changed my info and then followed the rest of what Brent said and I’m back in business.

  44. I Tried Every method in the comments that I could find, to no avail… until I ran into that said to do this:STORE MENU > VIEW MY ACCOUNTThen you’ll need to login probably, do that, it will show you your account details… thenEDIT PAYMENT INFORMATIONThen just put in the Security Code again for your credit card, and hit "Done" , then you should be able to purchase just fine!

  45. Alina Jatte says

    i hav a Windows Vista. i pay with redeemable card, not CCs. ive read this page 10 times and done every thing everyone has said and still nothing works HELP ME!!!!!email me at

  46. iTunes User says

    After trying the fixes here, I found that after adding a few items back to the shopping cart (approximately any 5 items) I’d get "Error 5002" again.Running: iTunes for WindowsWhat ultimately fixed the problem for my situation was this:1. Like Nick suggested on January 24 2009 (above), I updated my credit card information. iTunes noted that my credit card had reached it’s expiration/"good through" date: I unintentionally clicked the "Edit Payment Information" button on the "Apple Account Information" screen. On the "Edit Payment Information" screen, I got an error message noting my credit card’s status (I didn’t get this message anywhere else). Save your changes!2. I cleared my shopping cart, signed out of my iTunes account, and then closed the iTunes application. This was necessary because I still got the same error after my saved changes. Although the iTunes server itself gets updated with your CC info, your local installation doesn’t seem to realize this.3. Finally, I restarted the iTunes application. I logged into my account and then re-added items for purchase without incident.

  47. iTunes User says

    One more thing: remember to re-enter your card’s security code. Good luck.

  48. Sarbear says

    Ok, so I had the 5002 error that so many people are recieving. I spent hours on the phone with apple support, on the web researching, even on apples website and did not fix the problem. I have a ipod touch that still had v1.1.5 software and i was trying to update it to the 2.2 software. Then a burst of light came from the moon, and a apple tech said, well does your husband have an acct? I said yes, but i already purchased the 10 dollar download on mine. He then told me just to try the download on his acct, and what do you know, IT WORKED. He is now submitting a form to get the 10 dollars refunded to me, but I was able to download it. So my suggestion to you would be if you have tried all of the information on this website and nothing works, then try to make or use another acct. The tech on the phone informed me that the error code 5002 is a general itunes error and can mean just about anything!! hope this helps!!

  49. Yep says

    I recently upgraded to the latest version of iTunes. Everytime I tried searching for music in the store via the iTunes search bar I got error 5002 (unknown error). I had to deauthorize my computer via Store > Deauthorize computer. When I tried to authorize it again it told me that my computer was already authorized. So I tried searching for music and it worked. No error 5002 anymore.

  50. tD Hysteria says

    Installing the newest version of iTunes solved the 5002 error. Thanks.

  51. tyler says

    tried going to account info any way i could find, but the 5002 error wont let me get there. signing out and signing back in hasnt worked, ahhhhhhh!!!! this is so frustrating! how the hell do i fix it?

  52. bdd says

    Just fixed my problem by going to account and re-apply my state. This was given to me by itunes service. It worked for both me and my son. Good luck.

  53. tyler says

    I changed the administrative name and it fixed it for me also. Thanks for the help everyone.

  54. tyler says

    To change your Administrative name on a Windows, go to:Start>Control Panel>User Then click the account you have set with Admin rights (most likely the one you use..)Change the name of it and go see if that fixed the 5002 errors.

  55. Hannah says

    Hey, I got this problem and i tried Brent’s solution which didn’t work because it wouldn’t let me view my account info when i put in the password (i was logged on though) at first. So then I found what has so far fixed it was closing itunes, disconnecting from the internet, then opening itunes connecting back to the internet and following a similar method of brents – logging out, signing in, going to store, view my account info, clicking done without changing anything then it’s been fixed so far if that helps

  56. John says

    Hi I had the stupid 5002 error for days and finally stumbled on this thread. I tried it all then read Brents comment near the beginning of this thread. Drop down list under STORE, click on VIEW MY ACCOUNT, sign in, twiddle thumbs for a second spin around counter clock wise, pull little finger, then click DONE. Close ITUNES. Restart ITUNES and if your lucky like I was everything works normal again.:) J.B.

  57. Greg says

    I have the perfect solution – I’ve STOPPED BUYING FROM ITUNES.I tried every single "solution", and while I’m glad variations of them have worked for some people, they will not work for me. I’m tired of spending my nights constantly trying to figure out iPod and iTune glitches and constant updates. The easiest solution is that I’m going to give my iPod to my nephew, switch to a standard MP3 player, and not buy from iTunes/Apple any longer! Problem solved! Way to go, Apple – you just lost hundreds of dollars alone of future purchases from me, plus I’ll discourage anyone I know who is thinking of an iPod from buying one due to the frustrations! Think different! Yeehaw!

  58. mrben17 says

    reset your password and then 5002 will go away – for people who don’t have a cart problem but just upgraded to 8.0.2

  59. Eric says

    The "view Account" and clicking "done" worked for me.

  60. April says

    Fuck this shit. Stupid errors. Im getting a damn zune.

  61. Ignifiell says

    SHERITA RAMONA is company for Holloway, but Hom BRIANNE

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