WordPress.com soon to offer Domain Mapping (Hosting.. in a sense)

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I was perusing the WordPress FAQ today and noticed something that made me pretty happy. WordPress.com plans on offering Domain Mapping in the future, for an additional fee. What does this mean for you ? (average non-technical friend of mine?) It means cheap, easy, brainless web-hosting. Right now I own Mattroberts.com (the URL) the problem is maintaining a website is both time consuming and somewhat expensive. Domain hosting cost me roughly $150 Bucks Canadian per year. This allowed me about 200 megs of storage and email service amongst other things. This was pretty standard price for the features/options i enjoyed.I dumped this last year and got a wordpress.com account – while just pointing my mattroberts.com to redirect you here. so if you look up in the taskbar it says “mattroberts.wordpress.com” rather than the cooler mattroberts.com.This would also allow my mattroberts.com to probably get a higher google rank.. maybe. anyways since WordPress has started offering customizations editable CSS (for money), customizable headers (for free – thats me on the ledge up there) I’m assuming we’ll be seeing the Domain mapping in the next few months. Most likely for a fee (which I’ll gladly pay for.)

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.

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  1. Alojamento Site says

    You can actually get hosting for very cheap and even free nowadays if you look well, but free name and hosting for bloggers like blogger.com is always a nice treat.

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