This years new Cool XMas Gadget looks like it will be……..

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Fly Pentop Computer.This little pen is more than just a pen….. its a pentop!Ok – I’m not that convinced that @ 124.99 (US) this is going to be the big gift this holiday season. It will most likely get lost in the noise of Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Other gadgets along this vein. That said this is a pretty cool little toy and I believe its a cheaper version of a business ‘pentop’ that appeared a few years back. So how does it work? – you need special paper. Which kind of sucks. Why special paper? The paper has tiny little dots that allow a small LED (like your mouse) to take a picture of the ink line. This in turn allows the computer to interpret your drawings and writing. This little device will allow you to for example draw a calculator and then use it by tapping buttons you’ve drawn. With expandable packs you can also play games, write a diary and translate Spanish (I need Mandarin.)It is cool technology – and maybe in future the paper will be more prevalent. I’d buy the toy if this was the case. I can’t help but think, though, that in 3 years time a version that doesn’t require special paper will be available. Now that would be worth $125.To get a quick and dirty idea on how these things work check out the TV Ads

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