iTunes – Ok Apple, lets allow people to re-download.

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I keep hearing multiple answers to the question: Can I re-download my Music from iTunes.The answer is: Yes you can. And all you need to do is be polite but firm. I realize that many people have had different experiences but not me, as the below correspondence with Apple can attest. So don’t need to be Famous (somewhat), or rude.The truth is of all the things I love about Apple this policy of not allowing re-downloads is just about the stupidest things they could do. Not only do I buy a cheaper lower quality music, I can’t share it easily, or put it on third-party MP3 players. This doesn’t bug me as much as the fact that I can’t re-download.I don’t own a lot of iTunes music (perhaps 8 CD’s) but when I want to re-download one (?!) CD of the bunch I have my some snarky little Apple Rep tells me I should have backed them up?! (BTW – I do back up. Weekly. This one CD is the only one that was missing when my HD died.)Whatever. I got my music and Apple got some of my goodwill back but for those who don’t get the service they deserve take a look at the below correspondence and if it helps great, if not – steal your music back. (I would.)Just as an aside the new Microsoft Zune store does allow you to re-download. Maybe this will kick Apple into gear.———–

On 7/10/06, iTunes Music Store wrote:Dear Matt,I’m sorry to hear that you recently lost a couple of your purchases due to a crash. I’ll be glad to issue you a one time exception to re-download your music. All I need for you to do, is reply to this email and include the web order number(s) of the titles you are missing. Web order numbers begin with the letter “M” or “W,” and you’ll find them in your iTunes email receipts as well as in your Purchase History. To check your Purchase History, follow these steps:1) Make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes.2) Open iTunes and sign in to the Music Store, if necessary.3) Click your account name in the upper-right corner of the Music Storewindow, enter your password, and click View Account.4) Click Purchase History. You should see the web order numbers of the itemsyou have purchased.If you ordered an iTunes Music Card from the Apple Store online, you can obtain your order number from the Apple Store’s Order Status website at apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.Sincerely,VanessaiTunes Store Customer Support First Name : MattCustomer Last Name : Robertsemail : REMOVEDWeb Order # : REMOVEDSupport Subject : LostMusicSub Issue : Missing musicComments : iTunesAccount Name: REMOVEDPlatform : Mac OS X 10.4Comments:I just had a major crash.. luckily most of my music was backed up but not a recent purchase “electric version” by the new pornographers… Any chance i could redownload this and back it up so this doesn’t happen again?cheersmattTrackID: REMOVED——–On 7/10/06, Matt Roberts REMOVED wrote:Thanks Vanessa!Here is the order I’m missing (only one.) : REMOVEDagain thanks for all your help!cheersmatt——–On 7/14/06, iTunes Music Store wrote:Dear Customer,Thank you for purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am unable to place your purchases from order # M183585778 back in your download queue.The iTunes Music Store is not responsible for the loss of music, therefore, we encourage you to back up your hard disk regularly. If a song needs to be replaced, you can restore your music and other data from the backup and avoid the need to purchase replacement copies of your collection of songs.Additionally, please make back up copies of your new music on a regular basis. You can find instructions on backing up your music below.Backing up your music files in iTunes>To learn more about purchasing music, choose “iTunes & Music Store Help” from the Help menu in iTunes. Click Contents, and then click “Buying music.”The entire iTunes Music Store Terms of Sale can be found at.Sincerely,John DavidThe iTunes Music Store team——–On 7/15/06, iTunes Music Store wrote:Hello John,Based on the previous email from Vanessa – I was led to believe that I was allowed to redownload the songs as a ‘onetime exception.’I find it a bit much that one person would tell me I could re-download, and that after digging up the requested information a second person would inform me the exact opposite.Please put me in touch with someone who can explain to me why I am now not allowed to download my missing music when I was clearly allowed to earlier.regardsm——–On 7/15/06, iTunes Music Store > wrote:Dear Matt,Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store. I’m sorry for the confusion regarding the regranting of your iTunes Store order.I went ahead and regranted web order M183585778 for you. Please understand that when you purchase a song from the iTunes Music Store you are able to download the selection one time and that Apple does not offer protection against the loss of your purchases, so this is a one-time exception.Here’s how to begin downloading your content, which is now posted to account name “removed”:1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of iTunes, then choose “Check for Purchases” from the Advanced menu.2. Enter your account name and password when prompted, then click the Check button. Your content should begin downloading.If you want to cancel downloading and resume later, click the small X next to the download progress bar in the display area at the top of the iTunes window. When you’re ready to resume downloading, simply repeat the previous steps. If you receive an error message when downloading, try again after turning off any firewall or web-accelerator software that you may have installed.Please note that I was able to provide only content that hasn’t been changed on the iTunes Store since you purchased it, and of course only content that is still available on the iTunes Store.Again, I can do this for you only once, so you should back up your iTunes Library as soon as possible after you finish downloading, and make backups on a regular basis.Instructions for backing up your entire iTunes Library: for making regular, incremental backups: for backing up your playlists:,DierkiTunes Store Customer Support——–On 7/16/06, Matt Robert REMOVED wrote:Thank you Dierk, I will back up my library promptly after the download.regardsmatt

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  1. Juanita Kunes says

    Dear SirI bought 8 itunes cards for Christmas, left for the west coast 12-27 and returned app. 1 month ago. The grankids said none of the itunes cards I bought worked. Walmart gave me credit for the 2 that were not scratched off but said to contact you for the others. I have all the cards & numbers & receipts. Can you help me?

  2. Joe Pucci says

    Hi Matt I saw how you were annoyed how you can’t convert your Itunes music to Mp3, but you can. All you have to do is select Itunes in the top left corner then go to prefrences then click advanced then click importing and under import using click mp3 encoder and press ok. Then after that you drag your songs on a blank cd disk and press import. If that step doesn’t work then drag your songs to a blank cd disk press import and then finally go to the top of your screen where it says advanced between store and window and press convert selection to mp3

  3. Thomas Bailey says

    I lost my Purchased music during a computer crash Retrived most of my library except "la paloma" M329880101. I puchused it 12/18/06. my invoice # was 5428370662 . Wondering if I would be able to retrive it via download.thanks

  4. mattroberts says

    Thomas/Juanita, I don’t work for apple. Its probably best if you contact apple using the link I provided in the above post.

  5. ginny antal says

    I downloaded itunes off a gift card and none of the music went to my ipod Please help

  6. ginny antal says

    I downloaded itunes from my gift card none of the music downloaded to my ipod and they took my money from my card I paid for the music and the music did not download to my gift card Please help

  7. Jan DiVito says

    I bought an itunes gift card for my granddaughter for $15.00. I have never been able to download any music from it as it keeps telling me that it has been spent. Can you help me? I need a phone number to call or can I call AppleCare?

  8. allen says

    we have an itunes gift card,trying to download songs to ipod but it want let us buy songs with the gift card.

  9. hannah ogunkunle says

    i dont no how 2 download itunes on my computer its supposed 2 b free isnt it pls i need help

  10. MaryAnn Carlson says

    I purchased iTunes from a gift card and they did not download onto my ipod. Please Help.

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