Interesting Vonage Survey – about marketing hype of the bundle.

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Decima Research has released some interesting numbers on what consumers think of bundeling:

“Customers are breaking through the marketing hype and starting to see the truth behind the bundle: no real savings and no real choice,” Bill Rainey, president of Vonage Canada, says. “To save on one service, you often have to purchase another and another, while committing to a long-term contract, ultimately driving up the total price — what kind of savings is that?” Other key findings include:59% of Maritimers would consider de-bundling their home phone from their current service provider for lower prices and more features;71% of Ontarians believe bundles benefit service providers more than consumers; and70% of Albertans feel forced into paying for services they don’t need in order to get a discount on cable, Internet, mobile or home phone service.

The Question thats answered by the fact its not mentioned: Consumers are sold on un-bundleing – not voip – which is what Vonage is trying to move away from. Because VoIP has its own sell problem.That’s the case of my parents and quite a few friends (for those that even bother with a landline.)Hattip National Capital Scan.

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