SkypeIn Canada: Launching Next Month?

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Chalk this up to a rumor I’ve heard indirectly through the ITSP grapevine. Turns out that Skype is going to (finally) launch its SkypeIN service within Canada.According to my contact (who doesn’t work there) several problems seem to have hit Skype while trying to launch this, including e911 issues, the fact that they were bought by eBay, CRTC changes, and the fact that number portability is in the cards.Do I believe all these excuses….. not really. But I do trust the sources as he’s someone who does have some access to the ITSPs.These supposed problems may also point to why when calling from Vonage to 1800 numbers they register you as residing in the states. Not sure. But here’s hoping all those users who have been clammering for the Candian numbers can get them.

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  1. Shaun says

    Matt, I sure hope you’re right. On the Skype forums someone spread a rumour about it launching on January 17th but that never came true. So I don’t know how much ‘truthiness’ this rumour holds as well. And you’re 100% right about all the delaying being caused by absolute BS! Look at VBuzzer ( They have NO e911, and they have been offering inbound VoIP service in Canada for almost 2 years I think. Their service is EXACTLY like SkypeIN only I want to use it specifically through Skype because of the outbound plan they have. Like you, I will wait with my fingers crossed.

  2. mattroberts says

    I hope the rumors are true. vBuzzer isn’t Mac Compatible as far as i can tell and Mac Compatibility is the only reason I use Skype. I could setup a Counterpath connection to my corporate system but thats a bit of overkill – As it isn’t ‘really’ supported. On my PC Desktop I use the Mitel YourAssistant solution which works well with my DID (skype-in like service) but they aren’t mac compatible yet.

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  4. Blair says

    Matt, to avoid skypein in Canada, would it be possible to get a 1800 number set up in the States and forward it to a Canadian computer?

  5. mattroberts says

    Seems a bit convoluted. Unless you have a gateway partner that connects to skype. I would try DIDww.

  6. Karim says

    @mattrobertsOne of the advantages of vbuzzer over skype is that you can use any SIP standard hardware. I have a mac too and while I can’t use the vbuzzer program, that isn’t an issue anymore because I use a PAP2 with a regular phone hooked to it. For outgoing longdistance I just use skype. Vbuzzer at $2/month + $2 unlimited toronto seems to be the best one I’ve found (been using it for about 4 months now). Got tired of waiting for skype.

  7. Milan says

    Looks like this rumour wasn’t true, though I really hope SkypeIn becomes available in Canada soon.

  8. Randal says

    Damn, seems this was not so true. Fingers crossed for anytime in the near future as I cannot wait to boot Telus.

  9. Someone says

    I don’t get how the 911 service is an issue. vBuzzer allows you to have a Canadian number (they are based in Canada) and their service doesn’t have any 911 feature.

  10. mattroberts says

    The 911 issue isn’t whats holding skype back.Gizmo has the equivalent of skype-in numbers for most major Canadian area codes. They were the group who actually purchased the said numbers that I originally believed was Skype. I can’t figure out whats holding skype back, but i’m going to call it purely laziness on their part considering Gizmo and vBuzzer have this done.

  11. katelewis says

    Snuff. Still waiting for SkypeIn here. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long…

  12. rickster says

    its called Ma Bell and crtc MONOPOLIES! ya right they’ll just lie down over this any day now ? NOT!!!

  13. Check out;)

  14. sidekick says

    @matt – I clicked on the link but it didn’t work – did they remove the post/move it to another page? Thanks.

  15. mattroberts says

    I guess they did. But in any event the launch was for Gizmo not Skype (sadly). Skype has continued to blame the CRTC on this with little to no justification.

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