Wireless Technology in your Digital Camera

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So what wireless technology will be in my next camera?This seems to be a question a number of new start-ups are trying to answer.First there is Eye.Fi a company I wrote about a few months ago.Essentially Eye.fi technology allows you to use your existing camera ( a bonus as most people have already taken the plunge.) You purchase one of their memory cards, it has built in wifi, and then when ever it connects to a local wireless 802.11 connection (in a coffee shop, at home, etc.) I’m not in the Beta (I was sent an email but forgot to answer in time) but managing the wireless connections and how the SDK works is something I’m not clear on. Does it upload automatically to Flickr? or other photo sites? does it allow on the flying tagging? How do I manage it?Anyways point is that this technology makes the most sense for people like me. I have a good camera, I travel often and I use Wifi wherever I go. As long as it can get around the usual authentication issues on local hotspots – this is clearly then next purchase for me (especially if it hits flickr.)Another proposal is being put forth by Artimi Semiconductor They’re more interested in licensing their Wireless USB chips to camera manufacturers who would then integrate the technology into future cameras. The range of wireless USB is about 6 meters (by memory – maybe less or more) but the truth is this requires built-in WUSB or a dongle on your existing setup – granted in a few years this will be the case. But until the standards are worked out this is a much less pressing item. You won’t see this until Christmas of 2008 (at the earliest.) The Eye.fi should be available by this fall I believe.Since, when I go on vacation I don’t bring my laptop along – the WUSB option isn’t such a great idea. While I do goto internet cafes – or coffee shops – and they usually provide wireless links. I guess Eye.fi makes more sense but… I have lost my cord for the laptop at least twice. WUSB could be a selling point once it gains more traction. So really these technologies are not exclusive of each other in future both will be in our cameras.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.

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