Until SkypeIn Canada Arrives – Try this!

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Waiting for SkypeIN for Canadian Numbers? Can’t wait?You can try DID World Wide.Which is currently beta testing its own way of employing a SkypeIn. This should also remind people that there is little to no reason why Skype can’t provide a solution for their Canadian Users. At $5 a months, and with Skype out at $30 US for a year of unlimited service this is a pretty cheap way of implementing a replacement landline. (though it never should for e911 reason ;))

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.


  1. Lor20 says

    Canada seems to fall behind in terms of VOIP (and that with 22% of all inhabitants having a broadband internet connection). It is virtually impossible to get a phone # for any city smaller than 250k inhabitants – I have been waiting for SkypeIN for canada ever since it first came out (and even then they said canada would "soon" be available – that was almost 2 years ago (or has it been longer?)) . I think with the cellphone providers having to offer number portability in march there is a good chance though that more providers will be able to provide inbound VOIP services (I wonder if you can just get a prepaid card with a phone # and then get it ported to DIDworldwide for instance).

  2. Claude says

    I tried the DID World Wide service and it was horrible. I got it so I could forward the calls to my Skype account, but whenever people phoned the DID number, they usually got a busy signal – even when I was sitting at my laptop, just waiting for the call! So I’m dumping DID, and I’ll just wait for SkypeIn to launch in Canada. I suggest you all do the same.

  3. jeff small says

    I tried did and found that I can’t call through to skype with my telus cell phone, has anyone experienced this?

  4. Besides DID World Wide, people can try VirtuFon. Currently (Sept 2008) it’s $10/month to get a phone number in a Canadian city that your friends can call, which will be forwarded to your phone number or your Skype account. This prevents long distance charges to your friends and essentially creates SkypeIn. Has anyone tried this service? It seems a little steep at $10/month.

  5. Oscar says

    I have it!A simple and cheap solution to get a Canadian number that rings your skype anywhere in the world. its inskype.com. they offer most of the Canadian local area codes like: Calgary
    1-780Fort Mcmurray
    1-613Quebec City
    1-204so go and get your number from http://www.inskype.com

  6. Joel says

    Looks a little expensive to me with a $15 set up fee and $15/month for a Canadian number. It still doesn’t help me as I want my parents, who live in a rural area to be able to call me cheaper… there are no area codes for NB and no local exchanges for rural areas.

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