Mr. Schmidt goes to Washington

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You run the most successful web company in the world.You’ve created a business model that has created a mini-dot com revival.Your stock has gone no where but up. So what happens when you goto Washington to talk to congressional law makers on the Impact of the Internet for Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, you get questions about IT.

During the question-and-answer session, one gentleman raised his hand with a question for Schmidt. It was about his Microsoft Outlook e-mail.Whenever someone in his company sends an e-mail, 20 people are copied, and all recipients tend to hit the “reply all” button, generating too much e-mail, the man complained. “We spend more hours getting less done,” he said.”Well,” responded Schmidt, “we have an e-mail product that is free.” There’s not much Google can do about corporate culture, he said.


By the time the clock ran out on Schmidt’s 25-minute speech, more than a third of the audience was gone.

Pretty shocking stuff.

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