Peekvid Successor? For now its Channelsurfr.

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So while my blog gets inundated with former users of Peekvid.And I personally get inundated with emails asking for me to turn it back on (as if I turned it off!)People have begun to ask the question where can I go next?Yes, I’ve read most of the comments on my earlier posts and to be honest none of the sites discussed have really impressed me. But this morning I received an email Emoticon Prime pointing me to a site he:


“whipped up over the weekend.”

It’s called ChannelSurfr and its actually quite good.Now a few caveats -First it uses DailyMotion (like Peekvid did) this would make me think one of two things either Peekvid was not shut down because Dailymotion went after them (like I previously thought) or they just haven’t noticed Channelsurfr yet.Also, the selection is not as high as Peekvids was, for example 24 is missing and I know from the inundation my inbox/website received thats a pretty popular show. But lets be honest its a great start, I highly recommend you check it out if Peekvid was you thing.Lastly, I’ll yet again be turning the comments off on this Post. And I don’t plan on posting about much more along Peekvid lines (unless they turn it back on) so please don’t ask me.Beyond the nefarious fact that this is not legal: Channelsurfr is not in and of itself illegal – posting the files is – but hosting them is not as the U.S DMCA has a safe harbor provision. You’ve got to wonder about DailyMotions goto market strategy. I think they’ve got some explaining to do.

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