Peekvid Returns…

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Thanks for the 30 ‘told you so’ emails over night! ;)Well Peekvid is back up. Some shows haven’t made the transition yet it and the site itself seems a fair bit slower than I remember – maybe its the bugs being ironed out.I still think the ajax interface over at Channelsurfr is more slick and once it get the content up there it could be a good competitor. That said the Peekvid interface update is nicely done. They like ChannelSurfr have now moved to a combination of Youtube, DailyMotion etc.I also noticed Peekvid’s new don’t sue us disclaimer:

Peekvid does not contain any content on its site, but is merely an index of available links on the Internet. Peekvid is committed to an industry solution that will provide a mechanism to compensate artists that create the work you enjoy watching. Peekvid would like to be part of the long term solution.

Which is a bit of Baloney. Compensating just artists? ummm… sure. While you’re at it you still owe YouTUBE and DailyMotion for hosting your files – there a bits more compensation needed within this system than just going straight to Youtube. And if I were Youtube I would force users to traffic my website for commercial works like this – but I digress.Peekvid’s back up, there’s some new competition, and so its “Entertainment for all – until someone shuts it down” again.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of bad links in, flickpeek, channelsurf, etc. Therefore I created my own site that lists only the working links from those sites I hope its usefullAddress is

  2. MyMindWanders » Blog Archive » is back! Able to compete with says

    […] circumvented, at least temporarily with a little disclaimer that I hadn’t noticed before but mattroberts did. Is anyone else having problems getting some of the shows to load? I tried 24 season 6 out but […]

  3. Yeah I can’t get most of the videos on peekvid going, I guess it’s gonna take some time for the website to be back to its usual self….

  4. jimbp says

    peekid is awsome..but it runs really slow..and some of the movies dun work…it says buffering but doesnt load or anythhing..i no mi comp is not slow…you have a suggestion i can use?

  5. makeyourmillionforfree is just as good if not beter than the old peekvid that we all loved so much

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