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Doing this post has been on my “things to do list” for the past month and of course while I procrastinate someone beat me to the punch, not surprisingly it is Mitch Brisebois over at SensoryMetrics who got there first on a blog that is getting more traffic and has excellent insights – its on my blog roll and I highly recommend placing it in your aggregator.It’s a bit funnier considering how well I know the people involved in in this. The Microsoft Next-Gen PC Competition is a chance for industrial design students from around North American to:

Envision how form factor influences the digital lifestyle-from personal productivity at work or home, to entertainment, mobility and lifestyle.

Enter Chad Harber and his team from the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University here in Ottawa. I’ve known Chad most of my life, we went to grade & high school together (years apart), have mutual friends andlast week randomly met at Pearson for the same flight back to Ottawa. Chad also worked at NewHeights Software & Mitel on both interfaces for the software products and at Mitel on their Handset Design including Mitels IP-Turret. Both of these firms have investments from my Company.Chads Teams Design is targeting the Communications and Mobility Vertical based on the idea you can tell the team likes to snowboard, its called the Heads Up Vision or H.U.V it:

connects winter sports enthusiasts with the objective of improving safety and efficiency within a ski resort. Information is presented to the user’s periphery on the move. Additionally, gesture recognition technology is for important heads up information. However, a comprehensive full screen interface can be accessed when idle, using the sensor driven scroll wheel. H.U.V. takes advantage of emerging developments of voice recognition to control the device when hands are preoccupied.


It’s an amazing design. The competition also allows for the general public to vote, and as of right now Chads Team is in the lead, lets help keep it that way. :)(Via re-inventing the user eXperience thanks for the reminder!)

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  1. Mitch Brisebois says

    Thanks Matt, I appreciate your support!and yes, Chad is an awesome designer (and he works for me now!! :))

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