Jon’s Phone Tool – New Release – Great Tool.

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If you use a Mac and use Softphones (counterpath, Skype, gizmo etc) you probably now how lacking in features these programs are when it come to integration into you mac software. For example – importing contacts from entourage/ Address-book into Skype means an unwieldily contact list is created. It imported some 600 contacts of mine (usually with two numbers each) which means some 1200 names! and skype in all its wisdom doesn’t add the work, mobile or home designation so you’re essentially calling blind to which number you’re using. Its a pain, its unuseable and even if you try this out and decide to delete them Skype only allows you delete one at a time (1200 Contacts #!$!) the latest version just won’t do mass deletes (that I could find.) Enter Jon’s phone tool which I’ve been using for nearly a year now which eliminates all these issues and brings contact integration for softphones to a level only seen on PC’s (and in almost all cases exceeds the PC version!)Jon’s Phone tool essentially replaces the interface of your softclient and allows you to setup tons of ways to connect to people over softphones. Its a great tool for people & I highly recommend it.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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