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Over the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying having my paper read to me. I’ve also had the joy of not getting my hand dirty with news ink.All thanks to the Ottawa Citizens recently announced Digital EditionThe digital edition has some great features for example it can read the stories to you, it allows you to see story placement (important for context, and understanding importance), easy access to RSS Feeds, searching etc.It’s a significant upgrade on the way papers have been traditionally been presented online. People who travel frequently but enjoy the look and ‘feel’ of their local paper will probably get a kick out of this. And since its included with your print subscriptions there’s very little not to like about it.For me its got a newness factor that may wear off – I’m not sure yet.Overall, its interesting to see the Citizen innovating in this direction, after all its a bit of an about face for them. Last year they launched a bunch of blogs, buried them in the Citizen site and didn’t have RSS, that were easy to find for them (if they existed at all) – I doubt anyone noticed. Since then they’ve moved them to the front page and added any type of feed system you can think off. Good to see.

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