Conspiracy Theorists know how to use Flash!

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Good for them. Evil VC’s and the CIA! Its a “hey! this guy knows this guy, who knows this guy.. etc. etc. it must be a conspiracy with the CIA!”More Accurately its similar to 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. But in any Industry like Venture Capital where the number of worker is probably very similar its very easy to draw connections. Brett Tjaden a Mathematician and Computer Scientists Showed that instead of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon the average connection to Kevin Bacon in Hollywood is 2.8312 people or 3. You can read all about it.When Mathematics shows that these connections between people is in fact statistically very probable the whole conspiracy theory looks silly. I personally believe that I could be linked in to this group in maybe two more steps. I’ll try it when I don’t actually have work to do. That said Facebooks privacy policy may cause some to pause. But this is the internet, you’ve already lost your privacy – “get over it.”

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