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Alec Saunders of Iotum fame. just did a brief interview with Paul Kapustka at GigaOM.It looks as though Alec has been doing a ton of interviews/conference presentations. I was at the DemoCamp Ottawa presentation he did a month or so ago but had to leave early. Based on his media blitz his presence is being felt everywhere… (bad I know.)Iotum’s Talk-now is an interesting little app and I can see the benefits of presence in a mobile device. I should download it! I keep saying I will but have never get around to it. I’ve now watched several demos (online included) and I’m pretty sure I have a handle on its functionality.I also buy most of Alecs views in his Voice 2.0 manifesto. We’re on the exact same page when he says “applications will be where value is created.” Applications is the only place value is created or can be, especially as Big Iron margins shrink. This is the driving force behind my thinking and the team I work with.It’ll be interesting to see how Iotum pushes forward with their product – I can see numerous opportunities for them and I can just as easily see someone coming along and buying them out. There is value there but I think its just as much in the teams forward thinking as the product itself.It would be interesting to hear what other integration (if any) they plan on doing, etc.. And what the future holds.. until we get those details I’ll just sit back and watch.On a slightly separate note – what’s going on with Tello? They raised their Series B and then…

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    […] example a few weeks back… I asked a question when I was pretty sure I knew the answer: On a slightly separate note – what’s going on with Tello? They raised their Series B and […]

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