Is Mesh worth going to?

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So Mesh 2007 is on for May 30 & 31 in Toronto. It’s a follow up to a, by all accounts, successful conference last year – which I unfortunately had to skip as I was traveling. I’ve been asked twice today for some odd reason if I plan on attending.Where as this time last year it felts as though there was dearth of platforms to discuss the changes that have been smacking the net (in Canada), I’m wondering if its worth going this year?According to the site:

mesh is happening because five people with an enthusiasm for the Web and all the next-generation things happening around us decided an event like this one had to take place in Toronto. Events connecting Web ideas and leaders of the future are going on everyday around the world – Geneva has LIFT, Paris has Les Blogs, New York has BlogOn and Italy has, well, Italy has Venice, it doesn’t really need anything else – and now Toronto has mesh so we can be part of the Web 2.0 conversation.

Its also being run by some of the better known and respectable voices on Canada’s Web:* Mark Evans – VP of operations, b5media inc.* Mathew Ingram – technology and business writer, Globe & Mail* Mike McDerment – CEO, FreshBooks Online Invoicing* Rob Hyndman – business lawyer, Hyndman | Law* Stuart MacDonald – entrepreneur, marketer, founder Expedia.caI’m left with the Question: What would I get from the conference, beyond face to face networking, that I wouldn’t get from reading blogs or visiting Democamp/Barcamps in Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal?I’m not knocking the work of Mark, Matthew and the team. I understand that a conference is hard to setup, organize and make appeal to everyone. But I don’t get the sense Canada is at all behind in platforms to discuss the changes pushing the web forward.Has Mesh become one part venture conference, one part marketing communications conference?Until they post more info on just what workshops are being run and who’s attending I’m holding off committing to attending. Maybe if the tickets at this stage were discounted until the info becomes available I might sign up.Here’s hoping they’ll pull a rabbit out of their hats and come up with some really interesting workshops (& speakers) that makes the whole thing more enticing for the 2-days and $400.

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