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This happens all the time in the blogosphere. But I think its a first for me :)Last Friday, I posted about About how a Mayo Clinic Proceeding Journal article showed that Cellphones were shown to be safe around hospital equipment. Today, on the front page of my Globe and Mail – “Hole poked in hospital cellphone shroud – Handheld devices pose no risk, study says”I think most people bumped into the information here on Monday when Mitch Brisebois posted my article. (Thanks for the link Mitch!) I beat the Globe by 4 days, I’m aiming for 5 next time.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at


  1. Mitch Brisebois says

    It was a great story Matt! My link to your post generated a lot of traffic from – yet another social bookmarking site. Can’t wait for your next scoop!! 🙂

  2. mattroberts says

    😛 I was wondering where all the visitors came from! – evil Stumbleupon! almost digg-like in its traffic effectiveness.

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