My blog is banned in China.

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Well here’s something that doesn’t happen every day. Mitch Brisebois has been checking on his SensoryMetrics Blogroll to see if they’re acceptable in China or more accurately are they allowed through the “great firewall of china.”Of the 16 sites listed on his blogroll 10 are blocked and this site here is one of them. :)Looking through my postings I’m not sure I’ve ever talked about China to be honest. So its probably not been caused by any actions on my part. It may have something to do with the comments? or perhaps items I’ve linked to or been linked from? not sure. It would be interesting to know what triggered so many, for lack of a better term, ‘politically bland’ sites getting blocked.


When I was in the U.A.E. (Abu Dahbi & Dubai) last year a number of sites I used were blocked including Flickr, which made photo sharing my trip near impossible. I’ll post a picture of the screen message the government uses. It’s on the left. I’ve been told that since my trip the policy has been relaxed significantly, though Skype calls are pretty poor there still.In any event thanks for letting me know this site is persona non grata in China Mitch! And If you’re interested in knowing if you’re banned Click here.

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