The 2007 Wes Nicol Business Plan Competition

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Well its that time of year.The city begins its thaw, the birds begin to return, the shovels are put away.And students from around Ontario compete in business plan competitions. This can be loads of fun and tons of work for University students. Who enter the competitions but the offer of cash prizes and a chance to possibly start your own company generally get the entrepreneurial minded out.Now in Ottawa there are two major business plan competitions. There is the Student Technology Venture Challenge and the Wes Nicol Entrepreneurial Award.Some friends of mine won 2nd place in the Tech-Venture Challenge back in 2002. And back in 2005 I won some money for an elevator pitch competition with Bruce Firestone – It was somehow connected to the Wes Nicol Competition but is sadly not mentioned on the site. In any event, it was a minor component of the competition but the only one I completed.This year a good friend of mine, Jane Porter, won first prize at the Carleton University level of the Wes Nicol Competition along with her team for their National Capital Scan: (International Business)The team of Marta Jankovic, Jane Porter, Srdjan Stojcev will share their vision to explore every inch of the globe with WikiGlobe, a social network/wiki site devoted to discovering cultures through localized information on a global scale.

Jane and her team win 6 Grand, a trip to the national competition (at the Chateau Laurier), and more work to do while still trying to graduate. 🙂The OBJ has a nice write up for them. 

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