Is Twitter just a new form of presence?

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Just a debate a friend and I are having. I was moaning (I do this alot) about how numerous startup ideas or companies are really just building a feature and not stand alone products you build a real company on. In that vein we moved onto features that are more elastic than others. Or features that can expand easily (from an end user perspective) to create a new feature/s and possibly become expanded to really be a product. (twitter today is imho a waste fo time but people seem to prefer it to the monotony of blogging… but my msn also has twitter like functions, as does facebook) Hence… is twitter a new form of presence or is it a new form of blogging? and is it adaptable to say the other types of situation or is it pigeonholed? what can the developers at twitter do once the newness shine wheres off (which I believe it will.)Should it be a standalone or will (which i use) offer something similar for their users (which they should.) maybe i should sit back and think a bit more…. Update: This started our discussion. Thx for the reminder. Andy

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