National Capital Scan.

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Not sure I get what they’re up to. I’ve got them on my RSS feed because they’re the only Ottawa Tech focused news site with an Available RSS feed and they’re timely on getting their news out. But then today they posted this.Nothing wrong with the content except that its 2 years old?! James Bowen writes in it:

Claude Haw of Venture Coaches, one of Ottawa’s long-time venture capitalists, learned about investing in companies around Newbridge. Now he is focusing Venture Coaches on growing companies from “half-baked ideas” to “world-changing” enterprises. He says that in 2005, 9% of US venture capital went to clean tech while in Canada it was less than 1%.

Umm… Claude is now at Skypoint  and has been since (mid?) late 2005 when venture coaches and skypoint merged. I’m pretty sure this is rehashed news but why is this being labeled as new?

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  1. James Bowen says

    Dear Matt,Claude maintained his Venture Coaches company while being a partner at SkyPoint. And has now decided to leave Skypoint to restart Venture Coaches with a "green" focus. The SCAN article was the first announcement of his move back to Venture Coaches with a new focus.thanks for reading. James Bowen

  2. mattroberts says

    makes sense – thanks for the update.m

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