BarCampOttawa 3 – This Saturday!

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This Saturday will be the Third BarCamp held in Ottawa. This comes after a number of successful DemoCamps and the previous BarCamps in Ottawa. This time around there will be a change in venue with the event being held @ Carleton University. Hopefully the parking meters will not be monitored as I don’t believe there is any free parking on campus. I’m also pretty sure my old stomping ground of Mikes place is closed on the weekends. Anyways, to help in the hype for saturday the Ottawa Citizen’s tech section today has an article by Peter Hum that talks of the “grassroots” movement here in Ottawa. A number of local bloggers and entrepreneurs are quoted in the article including yours truly. I was unfortunately to busy to elaborate with Peter (though he did ask for a quick chat) on the ottawacamps scene but he did manage to get quite a bit of followup from the community at large including Leo Lax over at Skypoint.This Demo Camp should be pretty interesting, much like all the other camps!. There are a number of good speakers including Mitch over at Sensory Metrics, Luc Lalande speaking on the OttawaTechWiki, and Mike Martin on TV on the ‘net, amongst others. If you’re planning on attending and interested in meeting up there during the breaks please make sure to drop me a line.

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