Bloggers and Political Parties in Canada

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I don’t discuss politics often but a post came my why I’d like to share.With the lead up to the 2008 Presidential Elections Bloggers have taken a decidedly more involved role in helping to inform the public and help form public opinion. Being partisan is of course widely expected and accepted. Not so for the mainstream media but thats another subject.Here in Canada we have an election once every 10 minutes (or the potential for one). During this minority parliament I think bloggers have maintained their importance in rallying the troops & for guaging and forming opinions for/with the political parties. While this is true for all parties, this development was not as necessary (or pronounced) for the Liberals during their longtime in power – but the conservatives used the internet to create a substantial online presence in blogs and used that in turn to help really push fund raising. It rallies their troop with minimum cost.Now that the Liberals are out of power they’re more interested in the ‘online activism’ components of relatively free bloggers. So they’re trying to get them onside with the Parties activities. Its interesting to see how its being done – no comment on the rest of it or the moral discussion.But what I noticed (I think) is how it plays to how the two respective parties see the role of bloggers and that this also mirrors their views on government to some extent. With the conservatives having a bottom up approach (small government) and the liberals with a top down approach looking (centralist government) to coordinate the bloggers from their marketing team inside the party. I know this is a simplistic view but its pretty much what stood out while I read the posts.I also know that both parties interact with bloggers – its just how their teams interact and coordinate with their supporters in the blogosphere in my view also shows their political stripes. Kind of interesting.

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