Corporate Communications 2.0 – sigh, even i’m tired of using 2.0

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Sorry, for the limited posts of late I’ve been ill and haven’t been able to keep up with my email let alone all that’s going on around the web.While trying to catch up this morning – one post that caught my eye was by Jill Pyle a MSVU student who was previously in Ottawa I believe (she’s in my list of Ottawa bloggers.) Which is probably how she made it into my aggregator.Jills more recent post is a long one (its a coffee break read.) All about how blogs, wiki’s, podcasts and second-life can be used for internal communications in organizations.It’s a good primer and I know of a few organizations that are looking into these technologies for internal communications.I would disagree with Jill on Second Life. I personally don’t buy the hype and I think it cheapens the interaction between co-workers, a simple phone call is worth an hour of second life interaction… but maybe I’m old fashioned..She asked for some comments so here goes, I was a bit surprised she didn’t mention some of the social networking aspects we see being targeted at corporations. Facebook has been moving in this direction, I’m sure others have though I haven’t kept up. These can have interesting affects on internal corporate communications as well. In any event its a great read and a good primer – thanks Jill.

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  1. Jill says

    Thank you for reading my post. I really appreciate the feedback. If I hadn’t been limited to 3000 words, I would have been happy to acknowledge the potential of social networks and expand on several other areas. Perhaps this is something I should address in future posts.I realize that for the the majority of organizations SL meetings are not an appropriate or feasible replacement for face-to-face communication or phone calls. While I can’t imagine any organization investing in SL with the intention to use it purely as an internal communications tool, I do think large organizations with geographically dispersed employees could maxamize their investment by using it for both internal and external communication.

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