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Well Tech History. Having two welsh immigrant parents and working for a welshman I’ve developed a sense of pride in the history of the land of my forefathers. Case in point a little known fact about the land of Wales is that it was also the place where the first Passenger Railway Line was run. And this past month Swansea celebrated its 200th anniversary.

The story of the “Mumbles Train”, as it came to be known, is as heart breaking as it is fascinating. Considering its myriad achievements and world records, it’s incongruous that the railway isn’t more famous. It is disgraceful also that the railway was abruptly dismantled in 1960 (at that time electric tram powered) – 153 years after those historic first steps in 1807. To the commuter age and the world of transport that we take for granted today, this was an innovation equivalent to any. The world’s first – and the longest surviving railway until 1960 – is a worthy candidate of the history books. It is a complex human story of courage, humour and idiosyncrasy. It is a very Welsh story for it is as large, folksy and extraordinary as the ancient folk tales of our ancient Celtic nation of Wales, except all of it happened!

If your looking for an interesting read over your morning coffee this might be it.

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