Made in Ottawa Technology powers MuniWiFi for London.

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I assume this is now all out and about in the public.I love it when an Ottawa company has a really public technology deployment to speak about. For example the new Municipal WiFi deployment that got switched on in London this morning. The Technology is from BelAir Networks which is run by Newbridge Alumni Bernard Herscovich (who was at a couple of levels up my boss during my stint there) The offering is from The Cloud, a group that operated wifi hotspots (sometimes white labeled) throughout the UK and Europe. Katie Fehrenbacher over at GigaOm echos many peoples comments about weather there is a need for this service in metropolitan areas, especially one as well served as London. While I can see the argument I can also see the view going forward. The Clouds partnership with Vodaphone and O2 could (among others) allow them to become the pre-eminent provider for those visiting the city. And on any given workday that equates to roughly 200,000 people. (Meaning those pople are there on Monday but have no expectation of being there tuesday.) Here is a provider that is already partnered with several carriers that can offer a WiFi service over the entire area. Hotspot maps not needed. With the increase in dual wifi-gsm phones going forward this may make sense in other ways going forward.Further to this: Mark Evans Talks about some of the Fears the Telecom industry has about WiFi.

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