Neutrality.CA goes down. One more thing we’ll hear about in the CDN Neutrality debate.

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I’ve been working on a follow up post to my older net neutrality post. One of the sites I was going to mention (and disagree with) was Kevin MacAurthur‘s – but today I noticed that the site had radically changed to the following:

Thank you to all those who have supported our websites. Due to increasing legal concerns resulting from our public participation in the Net Neutrality debate, we have at this time decided to shut down the operation of these sites.We have no comment for the media and will not be releasing any additional detail about the factors leading up to this decision. We are currently looking for an appropriate organization to take over these properties and who has the resources to properly operate these sites.Sincerely,Kevin McArthurStormTide Digital Studios Inc.

What sucks is that Kevin’s personal website has been shut down in this process. I’ve spent a bit of time on there over the last week and I can’t for the life of me think of why anyone would threaten a lawsuit over this, or anything I saw posted. Its a totally regressive way of handling this discussion on “netneut” issues.I’m not a supporter of Kevin’s evidence on this issue (in an early discussion he used ping rates to prove net neutrality argument – I was going to take him to task for not discussing some of the peering issues he’s ignored) But removing someone from the conversation (is stupid &) just makes this issue more politically charged than it ought to be.Thanks to Mark Evans for the heads up.

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