Takedown – Amber Chimes in.

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Further to the Take Down I spoke about earlier.Amber MacArthur (Kevin’s sister – Mike says they aren’t related :P) wrote about the take down this morning. Where she says that it was case of “Telcos force shut-down.”I’m not entirely sure if this is the whole story here and Amber is quick to point out she doesn’t have all the details. I do know that on earlier occasions Kevin was asked (forced) to retract and remove comments he’d made on lobbyists for the carriers. What comments and for what exact reasons where not stated.In any event, if it was the carriers that forced the shut down I think its just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. If this is just a libel issue it may be more of symptom of some of the passions involved in this debate, but still a full pull down is a bit much. Even though I’m a NetNeutrality Skeptic I do think the debate should be held and that its should be civil – Kevin’s views and comments will be missed.For those 3 people (Yay fans!) who’ve emailed me for my followup on the debate. The take down of Kevin’s site has thrown a wrinkle into my post, it relied on a lot of Kevin’s discussion topics, which are of course now unavailable. And I’m not sure if its entirely fair to post it now that Kevin can not reply openly. I’ll probably trim it down but the edit will take a few days.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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  1. Kevin McArthur says

    Matt, please do post your full response. My sites had to go, and you’re quite right that I cant respond fully — but someone will.I welcome participation in this debate, unlike _some_ others who seek to silence activists on this topic.I will say that I have only ever commented to others in the same voice they have commented. So try to avoid calling Net Neutrality supporters communists or extremists and I’m sure you’ll get a civil response back from the community.I look forward to reading your peice.Kevin McArthur

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