Buddy, why should I give you a million?

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Just a bit of an FYI for all the Ottawa Community. On Wednesday, May 16 there will be a joint event put on by a the local clusters groups. Entitled, “buddy, why should i give you a million?” (not a great title, imho) it the best thing I’ve heard of thats on before the summer slow down. Should be goof for entrepreneurs to get some idea of the mindset of some of the local financial opportunities. It’ll be held in Kanata at, The Marshes Golf Club (320 Terry Fox Drive)

Here is the Agenda.Time:6:00 p.m.Networking and Refreshments7:00 p.m.Welcome and IntroductionsDavid Stein, President, Dales & Associates7:05 p.m.David Luxton, President, DefSec7:25 p.m.Jim McGee, Purple Angel7:45 p.m.Peter Kemball, CEO & Founder Acorn Partners8:05 p.m.Karen Letain, President, Channel Management Inc.

It Costs nothing to attend and I’d encourage anyone thinking about angel or VC dollars at any point to attend. Even if your not thinking about raising capital it should be a good networking event. As I said there’s no charge to attend but you have to RSVP.You can do so by emailing: kdaize@ocri.caI have meetings that night that may make it difficult to attend, hopefully I can work it out.

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