SendUit – Send large files.

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Today we had one of those moments where an 11 megs attachment limit within email doesn’t cut it. And thanks to new security policies on our corporate FTP, setting up new accounts would take too long to meet a deadline.’How can I get my 60 Meg file to someone?’ my co-worker lamented!The answer was SendUit a site I bumped into a few weeks back and had been meaning to write a post about. And since it saved our bacon today I’m sharing it with you.SendUit is functionaly like alot of other file hosting sites. The difference is that it requires no signup and is brainless to use. While it is limited to 100 megs (which is resasonable.) I have to say for my purposes its just been a great way to share large files, especially if people don’t use skype. Of course if security is an issue you may not wanna put up anything to sensitive up there. I highly recommend it – give it a try for your large file sharing needs.

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