Building your company on the back of other peoples Piracy.

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One of my most popular posts was one I did over a year ago on Peekvid a popular link site where people could find TV Shows for streaming rather than go to the trouble of Bit torrent or other P2P applications. The site itself has safe harbor protections by merely linking to the pirated videos, it was linking to youtube and google video initially for its hosted content.That changed when youtube became more assertive in taking down copyrighted materials. Google video has also followed suit.The new provider of these materials is a french company called Daily Motion who have watched their traffic follow a significant upward trend. They were also selected as Red Herrings top 100 startups in Europe. Unlike, Youtube and others, Daily Motion has a blatant amount of copyrighted material on it.Another member of the assorted video hosting companies involved in this pirated video trend is Veoh. which helps which offers a nifty unique feature:

Cross site Reporting – Not only can Veoh automatically publish videos to YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace Video, but it also creates a one-stop dashboard to track the performance of your videos across all of those sites.

They’re also enjoying an upward trend in traffic.The two sites I know of that are feeding traffic are and the original (which has fallen of significantly.)Its a pretty big assertion to say DailyMotion is that their entire business model is built on other people driving traffic to pirated videos on their websites. But I’ve only run into their site when people point me to pirated content. I wonder how they can build their business on such a shaky premise. And I wonder how long it will be before a there’s a youtube like lawsuit headed their way.

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