Civilization 3 History Mod

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While surfing the new site. I bumped into the news that a Toronto Media Firm, Bitcasters, & HostoriaCanada have launched a mod for Civilization 3 that incorporates Canadian History.

“Canadian history is sometimes portrayed as dull as dishwater, and there’s a perception that history is only interesting if there are a lot of battles,” said Axworthy, the chair of the Queen’s University Centre for the Study of Democracy.”But one of the things about civilization is that it’s not just a war game, and that there’s a complex interaction of economic, religious, social and military choices.”

Agreed. As a someone who studied Canadian History with a passion this can only be a good thing. My gradeschool history classes probably clouded my focus in history. I spent most of my teens reading World history and ignoring Canada. I only rediscovered Canada’s diverse history in University. I’m looking forward to trying this out If i can dig out my old copy of civilizations3!

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