Net Neutrality – a rational debate

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Just caught this discussion by George Ou on Net Neutrality. A particularly good place to start discussions.. better than my earlier ones.I’m particularly impressed on how George articulates the hypocrisy of Google.

Google publicly denounces how evil it is to bundle services, here they are forcing that very practice. During a Net Neutrality debate at the VON conference in March, Google’s Richard Whitt (Washington Telecom and Media Counsel) espoused the virtues of consumer choice and how bad it was to force the bundling of services. When I asked him why did Google lobby so hard for the Markey and Snowe-Dorgan amendments last year which would have forced the bundling of Enhanced QoS since no one could buy the service a la carte, I got a good chuckle out of the crowd and Whitt didn’t really have an answer for his hypocrisy.

Good read.

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