CN Tower lightens up.

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I was at the CN Tower two weeks ago with a friend. It was the first time she’d been to the top and though I don’t know remember exactly when I last went, it was certainly not my first time, we got a great view of the smog that afflicting Toronto. to me the CN tower was a bunch of lines, and an interesting absence of air conditioning. For someone going for the first time, a great experience. For me there was a palpable ‘been here, done this’ feeling. Well, it looks as though people are trying to spruce up the old girl.Color Kinetics a US LED company has placed some 1300 LEDs to light it up and make it more colorful.

# The LED installation is energy efficient, cost efficient and provides a number of other unique benefits. The CN Tower calculates that the maximum energy consumption of the vibrant LED-illuminated Tower will use even less energy – 10% less – than the recent dimly lit Tower and over 60% less energy than the fully lit Tower of the 1990’s.# Each LED fixture uses less than 20% of the energy required to light a comparable conventional colour changing lighting fixture.# While some of the former conventional fixtures lighting the CN Tower were each as large as a washing machine, each of the new LED fixtures is no bigger than a shoebox.# Millions of colours and infinite effects – Microprocessor controlled, each fixture can produce 16.7 million colours. Intelligent digital control makes the system programmable from a single computer console. Each fixture has a unique “address” that can be programmed individually to create an infinite variety of lighting effects.# Directional lighting – Unlike conventional light sources, LED light output can be controlled and precisely directed ensuring that the lighting will illuminate the Tower and not “spill” or interfere with nearby hotels, office towers or residences.

You can see some excellent pictures on flickr. So does BlogTO.

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