the Globe muddying the waters of Net Neutrality….

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This issue has nothing to do with net neutrality…The article says:

One side of the “network neutrality” debate believes the Internet should continue to be completely open, and that Internet service providers, who control access, shouldn’t make changes, including favouring certain websites over others.The companies, however, say consumers are using their costly networks in order to access applications for which the companies receive little or no money. “I’m troubled every idea we have as a business to rebalance consumption and cost to deliver a better ROI [return on investment] is seen as a crime and attack against neutrality,” Mr. Watson said.

While the Globe is correct this is core to the debate on net neutrality, the actual point of the article usage based pricing is not. It has nothing to do with it.Kudo’s to Michael Geist for pointing out that this isn’t a net Neutrality issue.

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