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Here’s a little known fact about me:I ‘dropped out of university.’I was young, (thought I was) successful and usually had an answer…. I still usually have an answer. Its funny, as I never considered it ‘dropping out’ just prioritizing my time more efficiently. I spent more time helping startups raise money anyway, school was getting in the way. I went back during the downturn (and completed my BA Hons.) Luckily for me, should I decide to become a Web 2.0 entrepreneur, it looks as though dropping out is a prerequisite for being a success.This comes on previous comments by Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame) saying that startups “should only hire young technical people.” I disagree. I think youths chutzpah has its place, and its a reason why we hire many young technical people (and the occasional biz student), but a steady understanding of the mechanics of business tend to give more balanced approach to investors… the two should be brought together. I’m not alone in this thinking.Closer to home – I’m watching a close friend graduate (today) and she’s now taking a look at her education after graduation. Especially after noticing that some around her, like those mentioned above, have had success by less traditional means… While I wouldn’t change my experiences, I’d be cautious to say education is a detriment.. you learn something by learning… perhaps some can get by playing the system – I’m not entirely against that… but the litmus test in life always has been taking risks to obtain your goals. I think thats what has separated some of those younger entrepreneurs from the older ones. So, education should not be the end of learning – get out there, learn more, figure it out it, ask stupid questions (figure out if the answers are stupid) work hard and compete for your goals, don’t dwell on the ‘might have beens’… ones education is just a step in that chain, everything in life is what you make of it.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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